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The Counterfeit Mailbag.

I borrowed the original from a friend, a retired mailman who, like thousands before him, was kind enough to test it out on the tree-lined streets of small towns everywhere. Before we were born.

It’s simply perfect as a device for carrying important ideas and feelings back and forth. And the same as with those old and scarce and beautiful mailbags, people will look forward to seeing what you’ve got inside.

The Counterfeit Mailbag (No. 1005). Containing one vast unzippered pocket and another zippered. Shoulder strap and handle. Strong, soft leather that will only get better. Imported.

Color: Brown.

How to take care of the Mailbag: The first scratch will kill you, but in fact, it's the first step in the right direction: patina.

So the sooner it gets scratched, nicked, bumped, dug, hit, squeezed, dropped, bent, folded, and rained on, the better. Really.

When you receive your mailbag, it's so fiercely new looking I'm almost ashamed of it. But there's no choice. It would cost too much to pre-age each mailbag before sending it out to a customer. (Antiques cost more than new, for a reason.)

Here's my recipe for “accelerating” the aging process. First, spend one day (the day you get it) the way it is. Brand new. Then, the next day, scratch it all over with your fingernails. Lightly. This will horrify you, at first. Then, spray-mist it with plain water, lightly. Let it dry. The scratches will lose their rawness. They will look old. Repeat this treatment as often as you can stand to; once a week for 5 weeks. Then once a year. (Clean mailbag with plain water only. Not petrochemicals, not oils, not detergents, not mystery solvents, not leather “cremes.” It will do just fine with plain water and will outlast both of us.)

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The Counterfeit Mailbag

Item No. 1005

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Dimensions: Exterior: 15" Long x 7" Wide x 12 ½" Tall.
Zipper Opening: 11½" Long. Pocket: 10" Deep x 11 ½" Wide.

Recommended Care: Clean with plain water ONLY. Sand out deep scratches with fine sandpaper.

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By LLeigh
Puerto Aventuras, Mexico
Confirmed User
Can't wait
I coveted this bag for years and finally bought one in the mid nineties. When I opened my shop in Denver, I was working up to 120 hours a week and couldn't have survived without my mailbag. I carried everything I needed to survive my grueling schedule. One day,someone got into our private area and stole my bag with all of it's contents right out of my office. I was furious and heartbroken. All these years later, I have finally ordered another and it is waiting for me when I get back to the States in a week and a half. I cannot wait to get my hands on this bag. It will be like seeing an old friend!!
By TAlkire
Chicago area
The best bag ever!
In the early 90s I bought the Counterfeit Mailbag. It's been the best bag I've ever owned and even though when I travel I forget myself how great it is, I get constant comments about how great the bag looks! Just a comment from a satisfied customer: in the early 90s I bought your Counterfeit Mailbag. It's been the best bag I've ever owned and even though when I travel (30 countries and counting), I forget how great it is, I get constant comments about how great the bag looks!
By JStiller
Trumbull, CT
Confirmed User
Love the Mail bag!
I've been using my J Peterman Mail Bag for the last year, having bought it last Christmas for myself during an awesome sale. I was formerly using an LL Bean messenger bag, attesting to what I'm looking for in a bag - good looking with rugged quality. This bag has worked out great! I use it every day for my work bag. I'll use it as a weekender bag too. It is excellent. I wish the production was still made in the States or Mexico even. A bag this beautiful shouldn't say China on the inside. But I can't complain about the quality - its looks the same as when I received it a year ago - except for the distress. I did what they told me to do! My only meh about this bag, it doesn't have much structure. I put a binder in it to help it take shape while I use it. It flops around with only loose stuff in it but hey - its all leather. This issue isn't worth knocking a star.
New York, NY
Confirmed User
Fantastic bag!
Ive had my mailbag since 2007 and carried it daily to and from work, to 25 different countries, countless business meetings and overnights in random places, and day trips to the park. It has aged wonderfully - really, you need to *use* it - and I have lost track of the number of times Ive had someone tell me nice bag! or whered you get that? (our little secret!) Ive carried various flavors of our favorite fruit-flavored laptop in there (15 and 13) in a neoprene sleeve, and never had an issue with a dent or a ding. Why use one of those clunky, inelegant black plastic and nylon tanks when you can have this?
By KWagner
Rhode Island
Confirmed User
I have seriously coveted this bag for about 5 years. I have asked for it for every Christmas, but never dared hope. It is kind of pricey and with three young children ...well you knowsome things just get put on the back burner at Christmas time. This year, with the 12 days of Christmas sale, I checked and sent texts to my husband every. single. day. He and my oldest daughter got the hint (thank heavens). It is everything I thought it would be. My husband told me that he liked my bag so much that he might just hound me for the next five years until he gets one for himself. I am over the moon with this bag...I see it in my future for many many years to come.
By JBoehm
Chicago, IL
Confirmed Buyer
Just like you imagine...
Soft, supple leather. Although I owned this bag about 15 years ago and the leather seemed considerably lighter in color then. Now, it is more a cinnamon color. Not bad, just a little different. Wish they hadnt moved production to China. The stitching seems a little shoddy in a few places, but nothing to get upset about. Otherwise, beautiful bag that will garner numerous compliments.
By EWillis
Confirmed Buyer
Pretty cool!
I really didnt know what to expect but was sure of getting something interesting and capable of replacing an old leather bag bought right out of boot camp. After getting the Mailbag and then soon after receipt traveling to Europe and Africa with the stiff cow-hide bag...I found it to be exceptionally useful. It was large enough as a carry-on and a three-day bag. And for those that like to get attention...this bag does it. Four people in different locales remarked about the bag. I came home from my travels loving my new purchase and am glad to share this with all of you!
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