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“...their finest hour.”

When Churchill said those words, things couldn’t have been worse. He wasn’t lying, he was just saying something before anybody else knew it was true.

Everybody else was thinking about whining bombs, sirens, husbands gone, children “temporarily” relocated in the country, and, yes, people were also thinking… wouldn’t some crisp bacon from Devon be nice right now?

At the time people all over England were seen wearing the duffel coat; it was standard issue to British forces. Men were seen wearing it on the bows of ships on the North Sea; and at Scapa Flow; seen going into No. 10 Downing Street. and not coming back out for days; seen getting into the back of Daimlers; seen at Malta.

Toggles instead of buttons (easier to operate in severe cold); densely thick protective sheltering wool; and lastly, character, lots of it.

Made with the most gorgeous smooth, navy blue wool blend and dark tartan lining. A coat for looking good while dealing with adversity, and good times, and history. Imported.

Men's English Duffel Coat (No. 2598).

Men's sizes: 36 through 48.

Color: Navy.

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LC Men's English Cuffel Coat

Item No. 2598
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Fabric Content: 78% Wool, 18% Nylon, 3% Polyester, 1% Acrylic.

Care Instructions: Dry Clean Only.

Length ranges from 38 1/4” to 39 1/2”. Varies by size.

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