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Patchwork in Progress.

Some hats are worn for anonymity; to fade into the endless sea of extras; to make you totally invisible. Do not buy these hats.

There is far too much joy; too much bohemian adventure; too much exploring Parisian alleys and the treasures of Rue de la Verrerie; escaping to Milan’s Brera district and falling in love with a painter who speaks very little English.

Yes, you’re beginning to understand how Jane Birkin could toss herself into the Seine after throwing pie in Serge Gainsbourg’s face. All to get his attention.

Hardly invisible.

Such is the dramatic art of your progress.

The Houndstooth Patchwork Hat (No. 5371). You recognize this but can’t quite put your finger on it. Is it silent film actress Louise Henry? Annie Hall? The woman you saw in Savannah picking flowers? A charming combination. 100% wool. The houndstooth brim exquisitely frames your doe-eyed expressions because it’s longer on the sides (4”) than the front and back (2”). 3 1/2” green and gold houndstooth and plaid band. Sewn in patchwork flower is rust with colorful flecks of purple, red, and yellow woven in. Lined. Made in Italy.

Women’s Sizes: S-M (22 1/2”), L-XL (22 3/4”).

Color: Multi Color Houndstooth.

The Vaudevillian’s Gloves (No. 5370). Double fingerless gloves in a wool blend. The striped fingerless glove fits over the regular glove to give you three options for wearing: 1.) Fingerless. 2.) Regular. 3.) Fingerless and regular together. Different day. Different temperature. Different mood. Made in Italy.

Women’s Sizes: One size.

Colors: Black/Blue, Brown/Olive, Red/Pink.

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Houndstooth Patchwork Hat

Item No. 5371
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