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In Search Of Bay Rum.

You have no idea how complicated this was.

Actually, some of you might. I’ll get to that in a moment.

Originally, we sold Bay Rum produced in the Dominica by A.C. Shillingford. They’d been doing it since 1907 and did it very well. But all good things must come to an end and this was no exception. When they closed shop we searched high and low for a new source. Some of you may remember ordering the item only to have it never materialize. We made sure to make amends for that via refunds and discounts.

In the spirit of perseverance (and wanting good things to continue) we decided to have the highly sought after formula reproduced by our magicians so that you too could experience the scent described as less strong than anything called perfume or aftershave but not so quiet as to be boring. In fact, it is quite sexy. Men have liked Bay Rum since Spanish Main days. They like it for the least complicated reason in the world. It smells good. Made in USA.

Bay Rum (No. 4905).

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Bay Rum

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Item No. 4905

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Size: 9 fl. oz.

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By KMyers
Confirmed User
Good hint of clove
Full of spice! I work a great deal with seasonings and I enjoy the flavors that develop! No questions a clove aroma. After 2 - 3 hours it does seem to fade a great deal. Still, I like it! Well done.
By DTamura
Oakland, CA
Confirmed User
Not at all like Dominica
I applaud J. Peterman for trying to duplicate the old Dominica formula, but I have to say, this doesn't even come close. It has a completely different aromatic profile that I wouldn't even think to describe as bay rum. Dominica's recipe had a warm, sweet, spicy scent that reminded me of Christmas cookies. But this stuff, while pleasant, is all alcohol and citrus. More like a typical cologne. Absolutely nothing like Dominica's bay rum. I will continue the search, but I fear that old bay rum scent may be lost forever.
By APoole
South Dartmouth, MA
Confirmed User
Falls short..
Not nearly as subtle and distinctive as the old blend... they tried but not up to speed. Thin lacks the smooth rich buttery qualities of original.
By BCravens
Louisville, KY
Confirmed User
Good stuff
Gives me another option besides the traditional aftershave.
By GRay
Atlanta, Ga
Confirmed User
An old friend
I was so pleased to find this again. My last bottle was the original Brew sold by Peterman in the 90's. Unfortunately it was broken in a move. I'm not one for aftershave generally. All the commercial brands have an artificial odor but like the copy says, this stuff just smells good. And thats really the best reason to buy it.
By FBoyd
Olympia, WA
Bay Rum
This old style aftershave was used by my father, a small town family physician in rural Alabama, back in the 1940s & 50s. The search was hard for the authentic fragrance, often copied in some one's basement lab. But Peterman stands up to his usual excellence in offering the real McCoy. Take it from someone who knows, and appreciates quality.
By GChambers
Las Vegas
Confirmed User
desert rat
incredible bay rum! I have tried many different brands and this is one of the best. Very subtle and sweet smell that makes you want to put more one so that you can get a hint of that wonderful smell.
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