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I was browsing in a Paris antique shop one winter afternoon when a fitted leather train case caught my eye.

It contained silver-handled brushes, boot hooks, a straight razor, several silver-stoppered glass bottles.

Inside a bottle, there was still the faint aroma of a gentleman’s cologne. Custom-made for a rich traveler a century ago.

Curiosity was eating at me. I bought the case and sent the bottle to a laboratory for analysis. They broke down the residue by gas chromatography. Identified its fingerprint through spectrophotometry.

The report said: an “old woody fougère.” Clean citrus notes, bergamot, “green notes.” The middle notes: clary sage, cardamom. The dry-down: leather notes, smoky labdanum… elemi, tabac, frankincense.

The detective work was impressive. So is the thing itself. Women like the way it smells on a man. Like a symphony that begins loudly, then soon slides into subtle, entangling developments that grow on them.

Or so I’ve been told.

1903 Spray Cologne (No. 1401). In travel-size spray bottle with a clean Edwardian look; toss into briefcase or overnight bag along with emergency flask of favorite unblended scotch. 3.4 fl. oz., 100 ml. Made in USA.

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1903 Vintage Cologne Spray

Item No. 1401

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1903 Spray Cologne (No. 1401). In travel-size spray bottle with a clean Edwardian look; toss into briefcase or overnight bag along with emergency flask of favorite unblended scotch. 3.4 fl. oz., 100 ml. Made in USA.

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By JKristof
Fair Oaks, CA
Confirmed User
Wonderful gift
I got this as a birthday present. My kids really like the 'soap-like' (and I mean that in a good way) scent. I sent the link describing it to a friend from long ago. She read the description and came back with, leather, cigars (tobacco) and scotch, sounds sexy as hell. Text messaginglimiting conversation just like the cost-count-per-word did with telegrams. Everything old is new again stand in one place long enough and you see everything twice, I suppose. Yah, cigars and scotch burn on the way down bring pleasure to body and soul as they rise up. Body and soul, that is. Just like a good cologne braces the new day it's much like the (original) Dunhill Edition, RIP, I discovered briefly before its discontinuation in the late 90s-early 00s. Thank You so very much, Mr. Peterman, for this wonderful redolence. Yes, women like it...I've been told.
By JOwens
Chic Midwest
Confirmed User
Great on a man. at on a woman.
No doubt, this is a wonderful scent on a man, but I also love it on ME (a woman.) I am a perfume junkie, and adore this scent when I want something more green and woodsy, especially on those hot, stifling days when it's hard to catch a breath. Very clean yet complex, and NOT a simple air-freshener.
By BCravens
Louisville, KY
Confirmed Buyer
Nice Smell
Very Subtle. Just a little needed. Wife loves it on me.
By VBridges
Fairhope, AL
Confirmed User
A fragrance for ladies too!
I purchased 1903 Cologne for my husband, who as another reviewer mentioned, usually wears $160-200 mens English cologne. He enjoys the 1903 as much as those. However, after it arrived, I loved the fragrance (my usual is a well-known French perfume @ $400 per one ounce). I swiped one-half of the 1903 and filled a perfume decanter for my own use. Its fresh and not overpowering. Many women, some total strangers, after being close to me in stores, etc. have exclaimed what is that fragrance? Its wonderful! My advice for the ladies is to purchase two bottles. Note: 1903 may also be layered with other fragrances to create a personal scent. Victoria
By DEmanuel
NW Arkansas
Confirmed Buyer
Dont change this! Its the best!
For years as I've traveled, this cologne receives positive comments! Now retired, I continue to find nothing equal to this scent and its subtle staying-power for long days. Please! Dont mess with this cologne. It beats some of the $135 an ounce mens fragrances I get as gifts!
By DMacmillan
Confirmed User
Love it and it is much easier to spritz in the morning when I am in a rush.
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